Grades. What happens and what are they?

On the day of the grade.


You will need to have your fee, HKC attendance book and and your KUGB Licence(make sure it is up to date). Arrive early so you can change into your karate gi and sign in. Always warm up to prepare you for the lesson and the grade. Show respect at all times, be confident in your ability (you would not be put in for a grade unless you were ready for it) finally show lots of spirit in your manner and techniques.


For Brown belt 1st Kyu's and Black belts there is also a free mock grade, useful if you are going for your next grade




What is a grade?
A grade is a measure of your ability to perform different techniques you have learned during your karate training. You are graded in three disciplines; these are Kihon, Kata and Kumite.

This part is a measure of your basic techniques, punching, striking, blocking and kicking, using single or multiple actions or combinations of techniques.

This part involves performing a set sequence of movements, showing that you understand the different ways you can move, defend and attack. Using these set of movements as though you were fighting imaginary opponents coming from different angles. Breathing, focus and concentration is needed to perform Kata.

Demonstrating that  you can attack and defend yourself against someone your equal, either size or grade.

Am I ready?
The KUGB recomend training twice a week and three months between grades (24 lessons) six months between a full 1st Kyu and 1st Dan.
Some students’ progress at different speeds so don't rush your grades, take grades when you are ready, take advice from your sensei. He has been through it and knows what you are going through so he is almost as nervous as you. The higher the grade, you need to push yourself more, but it becomes harder so again don't rush to take them. Good grades always make you feel better.

On the Day
Remember to take your karate licence, fee and your attendance record. Arrive early as you would do at your own dojo, observing dojo ettiquette. Sign in then start your own warm up, quietly go through your techniques.When commanded line up be ready for the lesson. The lesson usually last one hour, as the lesson progresses you will be taken through your paces from white belt to black belt. At this grading the black and brown belts continue after the hour for an extra half hours training, then a mock grade for the black and brown belts.

Grade Starts
When your name is called, you should stand up quickly bow and shout "Oss Sensei" then go to your place waiting in "Yoi" position. When your grade starts, you show plenty of spirit, Kiai loud when necessary, at the end of your grade you should bow then go back to your original place and remain quiet.

Your Results
When your name is called, you should stand again shout "Oss Sensei" listen for your result, and also try to remember any points your examiner may tell you. This will help your instructor at your next training session.

Full Pass: means you have reached the level for your grade and wear the next coloured belt.
Temporary Pass:: means you may have made some mistakes in your grade and not good enough for a Full Pass, but you can still wear the next coloured belt. Taking your black belt you must have a full 1st Kyu pass.. You will be awarded a certificate to show you have passed.

After the Grade
Now it is over, relax and enjoy the feeling of what you have achieved. Next belt looms and then it starts all over again


Final note
Any instructor will tell you that seeing their own students do well in a grade makes them feel better, and cannot wait for the next lesson to start. From the children to adults taking grades and passing gives your club a big buzz.  All I want is for my students to come down, train hard, show good ettiquette in the dojo, good spirit and leave after the lesson feeling good with themselves. The harder you train the makes it easier for me to teach. You keep coming back which I am glad of because it shows you enjoy training and learning. Each lesson should drive you on, for you to reach your full potential in karate.

Name of club:         Hindley Karate Club.
Addresses:             Hindley Sports Centre, Mornington road, Hindley

                      St Elizabeth's Church Hall, Bolton Road, Aspull

Instructor:              J. Brennan