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Hindley Karate Club 

***Due to Coronavirus all classes are suspended***

Instructor: Jim Brennan


Teaching karate:                Over 34 years

Hindley Karate Club:        Since 1998

Club Dojo:                          St. Elizabeth's Church Hall

                                             Bolton Road, Aspull.  WN2 1QW


Email address:                  jimbrenn@blueyonder.co.uk

Contact No.:                     07563 247 472

"It is better to avoid than to block, 
It is better to block than to strike, 
It is better to strike than to hurt." 

Don't let your dream be  just a dream


All life is precious and none can be replaced


**We are a family friendly club giving a high standard of training to willing people who want to develop their character through karate**


We have children training with their parents, bringing families closer together.


Are you interested in doing something different?


Do you want to improve your life?


Are you unfit, shy or lack confidence?


Do you just want to train, that's fine, maybe not interested in taking grades, that's ok,

each person have their own reasons for taking up karate.

Don't delay too long and live to regret it.


<<<Come down, join in and train with us>>>


Children (aged five) and Adults any age.


We are careful to teach students that karate is not to be used out side the dojo in any manner unless it is used for true self defence. Through karate discipline and character building they have no need to show off or bully people.

For information on days, times and fees of classes, for grading info and venue see

HKC Info link above.


***Keep checking our Newsletter for new info and next grading***

Open to beginners and the more experienced student, all are welcome to come and train.

Take that first step you have nothing to lose

Hindley Karate Club was established in 1998 and part of Sensei Billy Higgins karate club. We are affiliated to the Karate Union of Great Britain.

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