Hindley Karate Club Instructor: Jim Brennan

​     I started karate in 1981 shortly after I finished playing football, I wanted to keep fit and to learn something different. I always liked sport, playing rugby union for our school and running in athletics, so karate seem a good idea.

Like every new starter everything looked easy, soon found out, my brain knew what to do but my body didn't. Only through constant training did things begin to improve, also I had a good and patient instructor in Sensei Billy Higgins.


     I achieved my 1st Dan under the watchful eyes of Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda 9th Dan (1935 - 2003) who was a senior instructor in the JKA and former instructor of the KUGB. My 2nd Dan under Sensei Andy Sherry 9th Dan who is chief instructor and chairman of the KUGB. I have been training and involved in karate for over 37 years, teaching for over 33 years, also helping out in local competitions as a judge and referee. I have CRB verification, the certificate can produced if requested.


    My first instructor then and still is Sensei Billy Higgins 8th Dan, a popular  KUGB sensei and chief instructor to the Sei Do kan Karate club. To Sensei Higgins, I owe him a lot in the way I run my club, through his inspiration, motivation, skill and knowledge he has given me in my karate training, I hope I get these across when I teach at our club..


   Also I have done courses at some of our local schools introducing them to the martial arts. Just basic exercises and techniques involved in karate showing discipline and instill a show of respect to themselves and each other.

Over the years, I have attended courses with our other top instructors in the K.U.G.B., they have a lot of experience to give, its up to us to make the best of it. There are free Black and Brown belt courses for students to attend and improve their karate knowledge, very useful if you intend to go for your Black Belt grading.

Hindley Karate Club is proud to be part of Sensei Higgins Sei Do Kan karate club, and a member of The Karate Union of Great Britain (K.U.G.B.) We follow the guidelines set out by the K.U.G.B. in regards to etiquette, teaching, training, child safety and protection.