Code of Conduct



What you should expect.


  • To maintain karate discipline yet still make it enjoyable.

  • To provide a safe and friendly training environment.

  • To be able to encourage and motivate karate-ka both young and old.

  • To be respectful and courteous inside and outside the dojo

  • To follow KUGB guidelines regarding Child Protection practices and procedures.

  • To be CRB checked and verified and the certificate to be available when requested.

  • To deal confidently with any questions and queries




What is expected of you.


  • To be respectful to all young and old, inside and outside the dojo.

  • To arrive early before lessons start, warm up quietly.

  • To conduct yourself properly, inside and outside the dojo.

  • No talking, shouting, swearing or messing about in the dojo.

  • No forms of abuse to each other, either verbal or physical. This is bullying and will not be tolerated.

  • Have plain white karate gi's, only official badges to be worn. Repair torn gi's as soon as possible.

  • No jewellery, if it cannot be removed tape it up.

  • Ask for permission to leave the dojo.

  • Abide by all rules of etiquette in the dojo.

  • Pay all fees promptly (lessons, club membership and KUGB licence fees)


Parents or Guardians


What is required of you.


  • Arrive early with your child at the dojo before lessons start. 

  • Do not distract your child by shouting out to them whilst the lesson is going on.

  • Keep conversations to other parents or friends low whilst the lesson is in progress.

  • Do not move about too much in the dojo.

  • Tell the instructor if you see something wrong whilst the lesson is on which he may have missed.

  • Let the instructor deal with any of your queries.

  • Make sure that your instructor has been CRB checked just for peace of mind.

  • Do not let your children run wild after they have left the dojo.


All the statements above are common sense rules needed to create an atmosphere of safety for everyone. Enjoy the experience of karate, not only for the karate side of it, but by making friends and living a better life for it.

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