St. Elizabeth's Church Hall Dojo, Bolton Road, Aspull
Hindley Sports Centre Dojo

Hindley Karate Club at St Elizabeth's Church Hall

Bolton Road Aspull. WN2 1QW

Saturday: 12 till 1pm

Instructor : Jim Brennan

All ages(children from 5 years), any grade.


You train at your pace, and you will always be assured of a friendly welcome.


You will learn how to increase speed, strength and power through correct breathing, co-ordination of movement and concentration. A student’s rate of advancement depends on their personal ability and on their level of commitment to training. Karate is a life long sport.that can be enjoyed by people of all ages so give it a try, don't delay to long.



You pay by the lesson, we do not take any credit details, non members can pay as they train.



Everyone is welcome to come down and train.


To begin with all you need is loose clothing, trackie bottoms, T shirt etc. and reasonable fitness.

Sei Do Kan at Hindley Sports Centre (Studio 2), Mornington Road, Hindley WN2 4LG

Wednesday:   6 - 7 pm


Instructor Sensei Billy Higgins

Karate Grading

Grading examiner: Sensei Billy Higgins

Grading takes place at Kingsleigh Methodist Church Hall in Leigh WN7 4LR.

Access to car park from Cook Street, next to Longsdale House

Starts at 12pm finishes approx 3pm depending on how many are grading.

Fees are : Grading, training and certificate £25.00

Training only £6.00. Mock grading free for 1st Kyu and Black belts.

1st. Kyu's who will be taking their Black Belt must attend some mock gradings so they can be assessed by Sensei Higgins and also gain confidence when taking their Black Belt grade.  Black and Brown belt  courses are available from the K.U.G.B. for you to attend and further your karate knowledge and experience. 

Prices right up to August 2019

KUGB Licence Fees and Details


KUGB (Karate Union of Great Britain) Licence fees, paid annually


  • Junior member (under 16): £25.00

  • Senior member: £30.00

You can now renew your licence online


Your licence will be renewed for one year from your last expiry date, see licence form for more details if circumstances change.


All members must have a KUGB license within 3 to 4 lessons training period, see instructor for a KUGB licence form, this is paid separately to the KUGB.

If you have any queries contact Jim: 07563 247 472 for more details


Prices right up to August 2019

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Hindley Sports Centre

Good local Sports centre